VBT Software Invests $1 Million in Wodo Network

VBT Software is making a $1 million investment in Wodo Network, a next-generation technology company operating in fields such as Web 3.0, Blockchain, and Gaming.

VBT Software Invests $1 Million in Wodo Network

VBT, one of Turkey's leading technology companies, has entered into a strategic investment partnership with Wodo Network, a global player in the next-generation technology arena. Birol Başaran, CEO of VBT, stated, "Through this collaboration, we are taking another step towards establishing VBT as a significant player globally by leveraging VBT's knowledge and experience in next-generation technologies. With this move, we will hear more about VBT in the Blockchain and Gaming worlds."


Bekir Dağ, CEO of Wodo Network, expressed his thoughts, saying, "The collaboration resulting from VBT's investment in us allows us to bring together our mutual strengths. By combining our expertise, we are ready to offer groundbreaking solutions that will shape the technology landscape in the coming years."

Within the framework of this collaboration, VBT's experience in the Turkish market will be integrated with Wodo Network's extensive global reach, aiming to enhance the scope and efficiency of both companies' services. This partnership aims to provide innovative and visionary solutions to both corporate stakeholders and the global market.

For detailed information about the investment, visit https://www.kap.org.tr/tr/Bildirim/1197716

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