In the past, companies had their own expertise in every subject, today they only have expertise in the main activities of the company, and they go to the "Outsource" method to handle other side activities. Outsource services started with issues such as cleaning, security, transportation and nowadays "Invoicing Services" has come. Today, many important companies provide their invoicing services as outsourcing.

In this context, VBT as the Information Technology Solution Partner of customers, by providing an economical and measurable benefit, it meets the IT Specializations that your organization needs.

VBT expertise you need offers to your attention in different business models in a short time with the experience by its working with large corporations across Turkey.

These Business Models:

On project basis; The job is given to VBT in line with the specifications defined in a particular subject, VBT does the job and delivers it to you on time. For example, in a software development project, part of the software may be outsourced to VBT.

On the basis of expertise; You can provide expertise that you do not want to host in your company from VBT experts. For example; A VBT Database expert can come to your institution 2 days a week and provide you with databases.

On the basis of employee; You can request the personnel you will need from VBT according to their expertise. VBT offers you its own resources or by finding the most suitable personnel from its CV database. For example; a specialist JAVA programmer or a Cobol programmer can be hired to your institution for a period of 1 year. In this model, the administrative management of the employee is in your institution, personal rights and payroll services and the legal obligations specified in the labor law are on the side of VBT.

VBT has provided outsource services to institutions such as İşbank, Avea, IBM, OYAK Renault, Pepsi, THY, SGK and still continues to provide services.